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Trade checking of used consumer electronics

Avoid the cost of handling blacklisted devices, trade safely with CheckMEND

Stock computers and phones to check

If you regularly, buy, sell, repair, or allow trade-in/part exchanges of mobile devices, a CheckMEND account offers numerous benefits including discounts and important 7 day status change alerts.

Are you planning on reselling the item? Providing a CheckMEND report to the buyer will enhance their confidence in you as a seller.

CheckMEND queries the worlds largest database of property history information consisting of billions of legitimately sourced blacklist/block records from phone networks, all UK police forces, retailers and numerous other data partners.

CheckMEND web account summary

Whether you're an individual or trader, if you frequently, buy, sell, or otherwise handle second-hand mobile phones or other gadgets a CheckMEND account can save you money:

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  • Simply open an account and get started performing checks immediately.
  • Benefit from discounts by purchasing multiple check credits.
  • Proactive 7 day status change alerts (only available to account holders).
  • Easy online payment by credit/debit card or PayPal.
  • Online records of each search with a verifiable reference - ideal for online auctions, trade-ins and classified websites.
  • Bulk search facility to check multiple items in one go.
  • PDF reports that can be printed or emailed when used property in a retail environment.
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