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Sample Report

The CheckMEND report example is provided on completion of the checking process.

CheckMEND Demo Report Image

Explanatory Notes

Please see the numbered roundels overlayed on the sample report these correspond to the notes below.

  1. Unique Report ID and Check Type: This is the unique identity of this report. The unique reference number can be validated on the CheckMEND website. This is the number to provide if you are selling goods on eBay, Craigslist, Gumtree, Swappa or other online marketplaces so that a buyer can easily view the report. The Check Type indicates if the check is Global or for a specific country.
  2. Report Information: Displays the Report ID. The date on which the check was performed. Along with the name of the person/organisation whom created it.
  3. Search Criteria Provided: Details the search criteria privided by the person/organisation performing the check. Consisting of up to 3 identifiers (for example an IMEI number or serial number) along with the make, model and type of item being checked.
  4. Model Check Information: In most cases we are able to validate the manufacturer and model of the device from the serial number you enter. This means that you can be assured that the serial number is genuine and has not been altered or tampered with since manufacture.
  5. Database Checks Performed: Shows the different database checks that are carried out against the user's search criteria. Each check will return and display either a Clear (green), Caution (yellow) or Warning (red).
    For more information on each of the database checks click here
  6. Summary Advice of Database Checks: Provides summary advice against each of the database checks carried out.
    For more information on each of the database checks click here
  7. Useful Links: Provides links to useful resources and support information.