CheckMEND Report status change alerts

Are you worried about devices being blocked or reported stolen after a clear check?
7 Day Alert

CheckMEND status change alerts are a powerful and unique benefit available to web account holders and corporate API accounts that help address concerns including;

  • Devices becoming blacklisted after they are accepted for a trade-in.
  • Stolen reports being filed after a CheckMEND history report has been run.
  • Insurance claims being made against a device after a check.
We monitor your device checks and alert you to changes

If you have a web account, for 7 days after your report has been run we continue to search our vast datasets for records that change.

When we detect a change we send you an alert so that you can;

  • Take action to contact the seller.
  • Avoid further processing costs if you are repairing or refurbishing the device for resale.
  • Remove the item from your shelves, website or stock.
  • Freeze any payment that may be in progress to the seller.

Use of CheckMEND will already be helping you avoid stolen property, CheckMEND status change alerts help to further reduce your exposure comprimised devices.

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