Reporting lost or stolen property

Had an item stolen? Make it hard for thieves to sell on stolen goods by registering them stolen on Immobilise - The UK National Property Register.

It only takes a minute to register on Immobilise where you can add items including photos and descriptions. Plus you can also download certificates of keepership - all free of charge.

Once you have registered your first item you're able to report it lost or stolen immediately. Within seconds it will appear on CheckMEND and NMPR (National Mobile Property Register)

How to register property on Immobilise

Before your able to report items stolen, you'll first need to start by opening an Immobilise account and register your valuables.

  1. Simply click the link below and create your free account following the on-screen instructions.
  2. Once inside your Immobilise account you will be prompted to add your first item by clicking the button "Add your first inventory item", provide the basic information about your item including its serial number or another identification reference, for example an engraving or security tag code.
  3. When you've successfully registered your item, simply report the item as lost or stolen in one simple click!

Create a free account on Immobilise