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It's possible to check used electronics using your mobile.

The cost of performing a check by SMS is £3.00 (inc VAT) plus your standard network charge for sending a text message.

The charge will appear on your next mobile phone services bill or will be deducted from your air-time credit if you are a pay as you go customer.

When checking via SMS you are confirming that you agree to the CheckMEND terms and conditions.

If you encounter a problem please contact us on: 01453 853520

SMS checking instructions

  1. Locate the serial or IMEI number of the property you want to check.
  2. Send a text message to 83010. The message should read "check", then leave a space, followed by the serial or IMEI number. If you want the results sent to your email address, leave another space followed by your email address.
    Example: check 0126440017485
  3. You'll receive a total of 2 messages in return providing a positive or negative result.

Important advice before preceeding: Please provide all of the digits in your serial number but DO NOT put in any spaces, hyphens or dashes etc.