Finding an identifier

The most important part of an item check is providing the identifier in your search, for example, an IMEI number (phones), serial number (most electricals) or perhaps a bike tag / frame number or even an engraving.

Please note you can add up to three identifers when performing a search on CheckMEND. Some items will have more than one, for example an iPhone has both an IMEI and a serial number.

Mobile/cell phones

Help finding a IMEI number

If you're checking against a handset, you should seek the IMEI number. This is a unique identifier for the handset that will display on the screen by dialing the following *#06#.

Alternatively, it can normally be found on the documentation or packaging that came with the handset. Some handsets may also have a unique serial number.

General consumer electronics

Help finding a serial number

If you're checking against an electrical item, you should seek the serial number. This is a unique number typically found around the sides or base of the item. If it is accessible check inside the battery compartment.

Alternatively, inspect the packaging or documentation that came with the item when it was purchased.