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1 in 4 mobile devices checked has a significant used history

Trade with confidence. Check the US's largest source of used cellphone and mobile device history, including data from the FBI, insurers, retailers and carriers.

  • Avoid the hassles of buying faulty, stolen or
    blacklisted devices
  • Free 7 Day report status change alerts*
  • Report available instantly online
Focused on US data, CheckMEND US device history reports check:
Verizon LTE blacklisted Listed on FBI stolen articles file Subject to a recorded insurance claim
AT&T GSM/LTE blacklisted Has had multiple registered owners Has been reported lost
Sprint CDMA/LTE blacklisted Involved in a serious crime Confirmation of make and model
T-Mobile GSM/LTE blacklisted Has been previously recycled Has outstanding finance


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A CheckMEND US history report helps identify cellphones and mobile devices with a hidden past, so you can buy and sell with confidence.

  • Results delivered instantly online.
  • Real-time checks against billions of device history records.
  • CheckMEND PDF report as proof of device check status.



Device History Report Checks
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Save as much as 30% on device history report checks plus other great benefits with a CheckMEND US web account for traders and individuals.

With free 7 day alerts

CheckMEND delivers high quailty results which help protect many great companies

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Sprint available on CheckMEND

Sprint announces collaboration with Recipero to help prevent the trade and sale of stolen smartphones.

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About CheckMEND

CheckMEND US searches data from numerous legitimate US sources to provide mobile device history reports, enabling you to trade with confidence!

With CheckMEND you can check the history of many used devices including laptops, phones, tablets, GPS devices, gaming consoles, AV equipment, iPads and much more...

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* 7 Day report status change alerts are a feature of account based checks only.