About CheckMEND

CheckMEND reduces risk, increases value, and helps you buy & sell used electronics legitimately!

Computer and smartphones

CheckMEND strives to provide an items life history that can start at the point of manufacture, through ownership changes, right up to it being recycled back into its raw components and minerals. Using the example of a phone, this can include numerous facts that will affect its functionality, value and perhaps most importantly its ownership status!

CheckMEND has spent more than a decade building relationships with data providers including the public, police, retailers, recyclers and networks the world over and today is regarded as the authority on the information relating to the sale/purchase of second-hand goods.

In the United States the CheckMEND service has been tailored to focus on legitimately sourced blacklist information and other verified US datasets only. This ensures quality results are returned fast at a great low price.

CheckMEND: Frequently asked questions

CheckMEND has grown to be a very powerful service since its launch more than a decade ago, below are answers to the most common queries we receive.

The name CheckMEND comes from the early days of the Recipero Crime Reduction Ecosystem which was once know as the Mobile Equipment National Database, or M.E.N.D. for short. So CheckMEND is literally checking M.E.N.D.

One of the main reasons people choose CheckMEND help them buy and sell safely is the great number of data sources that checks are run against. As part of the Recipero Crime Reduction Ecosystem, CheckMEND has access to hundreds of datasets that contain billions of records, the most critical of which are updated many times each day via our data partners.

The means that each time a CheckMEND search is performed, in the background the system is instantly checking numerous datasets so you don't have to, delivering quality results that save you time and money! The services are interrogated when run a CheckMEND history report can be broadly defined as:

  • The Stolen Property checking service
  • The Lost Property checking service
  • The Network Blocked/Blacklist checking service
  • The Insurance claim checking service
  • The Outstanding Finance checking service
  • The Cloned and Counterfeit checking service
  • The Previous Owners checking service
  • The Warranty Claim checking service
  • The Recycled/Refurbished checking service

As a private individual: CheckMEND, recommended by Ebay, can help you to avoid buying stolen or counterfeit goods or a mobile phone that won't work correctly because it's blocked/barred/blacklisted/disabled. It can also help you sell an item as each check comes with an official CheckMEND report that you can provide to any buyer.

As a business: CheckMEND represents the very best in integrated due diligence to help your employees avoid buying or selling stolen goods or disabled mobile phones. Every check is recorded in your online account for future reference and all checks come with a CheckMEND report that you can provide to any prospective buyer. Retailers and Recyclers please view our Corporate accounts.

Searches against the US CheckMEND system start at just $0.99 for a single check with discounts available for account holders purchasing multiple checks.

For trader account pricing information please go to: CheckMEND trader account pricing

For high volume retail, recycler, or insurer use, including API accounts, please view our corporate services information please view our corporate services information where we can offer contract pricing CheckMEND corporate services

Everyday new devices are manufactured, lost/stolen phones and gadgets are blocked, have insurance claims against them, used goods are sold/bought etc. CheckMEND works closely with its data providers to ensure updates are provided as close to real-time as possible, the practicalities of securely providing data means this ranges from seconds for some providers through to hours for others.

A CheckMEND report is a snapshot of the items history and status at the time its run. However if you are a CheckMEND account holder we notify you via email of any significant change in the item's status for 7 days after each check so you are able to take action as necessary.

To learn more about report status change alerts: CheckMEND 7 Day Status Change Alerts

For account information please go to: CheckMEND account information

No, police forces have exclusive access to CheckMEND's sister service the NMPR. To identify stolen goods, potential criminals or to return property, officers need to access the Police National Property Register search facility called the NMPR.

For further information please go to the NMPR site: nmpr.com

If you have a query or need to contact support please visit our Helpdesk to contact us or search the knowledgebase of help articles. Unfortunately we are not able to provide check/search support or information over the phone due to the evidential requirement of our systems.

For help please go to: CheckMEND Helpdesk (provided by Recipero)

CheckMEND is connected to the US CDMA ESN/MEID Sprint database and is able to confirm if a cell phone has been recorded as lost or stolen/blacklisted. We are working with other carriers to integrate reliable, legitimate data feeds. For updates please sign up to our newsletter.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Cellphones may be blacklisted on a single network due to non-payment of contract or other fees. WE ARE NOT CHECKING FOR THIS SITUATION AT THIS TIME. We are checking lost and stolen reports. This applies to GSM, LTE AND CDMA Devices. Please do not buy a CheckMEND report to check for account status to avoid disappointment.

See what type of information and detail CheckMEND can provide and read detailed explanations of each information category: Sample CheckMEND report

It is possible to check the background history of any item where a unique identifier can be found such as a Serial or IMEI number. This makes it ideal for checking electronics of all kinds; including laptops, mobile/smart phones, Sat-Nav's, gaming consoles, audio visual equipment and iPad's to name but a few. If you are unsure please contact support about the suitability of your item

Learn more about about identifiers (i.e. serial numbers)

Learn more about items I can check

When a search is performed it looks at over 150 billion records of property history information and can provide confirmation of item identity, tell you if an item is or has ever been recorded as lost, stolen, is a counterfeit, been cloned, had any insurance or warranty claims made against it, any restrictions on international use in the case of a handsets and number of previous owners.