Crime Reduction Ecosystem

The CheckMEND service is an integral part of the Recipero Crime Reduction Ecosystem, which works to identify theft and fraud relating to mobile devices and other items throughout the world.


CheckMEND along with Recipero's other solutions are the result of over 15 years of development, data gathering and building of important relationships with our partners, police, clients and of course the public.

As the mobile device industry's "trusted third party" Recipero are the conduit through which disparate parties securely work with each other to identify and address theft and fraud.


What does the ecosystem encompass?

In short, a large number of systems that you can learn more about on the Recipero site, however the most relevant services to CheckMEND users are summarized below.

  • CheckMEND logoCheckMEND: Used by individuals, traders, retailers and recyclers to check the background history / status of a device or other personal possession prior to its sale or purchase.
  • Immobilize logoImmobilize: The US's National Property Register, is a personal possession register where members of the public are able to securely record their belongings pre-loss or theft.
  • NMPR logoNMPR: A dedicated Police portal that is searched thousands of time each day by officers investigating crimes that involve cell phones, mobile devices and other property that has been reported stolen, seized or otherwise recovered.

The critical element is that all Recipero's systems are connected, securely updating in real-time to identify, alert and reduce the social and financial impact of property crime.

To learn more please visit the main Recipero site at or contact us.