The US's largest provider of consumer electronics background reports

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Make sure used electronics do not have a dubious past
by checking their history before buying or selling

CheckMEND is the world's most comprehensive used electronics history information service and has access to over 50 billion records of global data with unique data feeds from over 18,000 US law enforcement agencies, cell phone carriers, insurers, warranty and finance companies.

For just $2.99 you can check the background history of any used electrical including laptops, cell phones, GPS devices, gaming consoles, audio visual equipment, iPad's and much more...


Public checking

CheckMEND is a totally unique service designed to help the public avoid purchasing used electronics or other second-hand property with a dubious past.

If you are selling on eBay or similar auction and classified websites why not sell your items with a CheckMEND report to give your buyers confidence and ensure you get the best price?

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Trade checking

If your organisation handles used electronics and needs to check goods do not have a dubious history before they are accepted simply open a Web account and start checking today.

If you are reselling used gadgets and other property why not provide a CheckMEND report with them and give your buyers greater confidence?

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New! USA blocked IMEI's live!

On Friday 2nd November 2012 AT&T and T Mobile in the USA began blocking handsets by using the IMEI and sharing this information between them. This means that even if the sim card is changed the phone will not work on these two networks.

CheckMEND has access to this data (N.B. We do not have information on phones blocked before the 2nd November 2012) so will tell you if a phone IMEI is on this list - this information is of great relevance to buyers or sellers of used cell phones as it massively affects the phones value.

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New! Sims Recycling Solutions integrates CheckMEND!

Through its partnership with CheckMEND, Sims can perform the due diligence necessary to assure customers that the devices the company offers for resale are legitimate.

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New! GameStop Partners CheckMEND!

GameStop becomes the first US retailer to deploy CheckMEND software in all it's stores.

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