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Buying or selling used gadgets?
Check in real-time to identify items with a dubious history.

For only £1.99 you can check the background history of any used device including laptops, mobile phones, tablets, GPS Sat Navs, game consoles, audio visual equipment, iPads, bikes and much more...

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Single Check

Create an instant report on any electrical device by providing
its unique serial number or IMEI number. A single search checks the largest database of lost and stolen information in the world with over 50 billion records, including data from UK Police, insurers, retailers and mobile networks.


Why Check?

A CheckMEND report helps avoid many of the pitfalls associated with buying or selling used devices and can tell you:

  • Blocked status
  • Has insurance claim
  • Confirm make & model
  • Has outstanding finance
  • Had multiple owners
  • Checks global data
  • Is faulty or repaired
  • Involved in a crime

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CheckMEND Supports UK Police's Crime Reduction Initiative

The Safe Seller scheme is a UK Police initiative being led by the Metropolitan Police.

The initiative utilises CheckMEND in conjunction with the NMPR and Immobilise to reduce crime.

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