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Account Information for BStock Customers

Avoid the cost of handling blacklisted and compromised devices, trade safely with CheckMEND

If you regularly buy, sell, repair, or allow trade-in/part exchanges of mobile devices, CheckMEND can offer numerous benefits including important status change alerts.

CheckMEND has partnered with B-STOCK Solutions to offer its members preferential web and enterprise account rates. To take advantage of the great discounts on offer please select the most appropriate service type below.

Online Website Account

If you're an independent trader, group of retailers, repair company or a recycler, if you frequently buy, sell, or otherwise handle second-hand cellphones or other gadgets a CheckMEND account can save you money.

Web Account Benefits

  • Benefit from significant discounts by purchasing multiple check credits.
  • Benefit from discounts by purchasing multiple check credits.
  • Proactive 7 day status change alerts
  • Easy online payment by credit/debit card or PayPal.
  • Online records of each search with a verifiable reference - ideal for online auctions, trade-ins and classified websites.
  • Bulk search facility to check multiple items in one go.
  • PDF reports that can be printed or emailed when selling used property in a retail environment.
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API Enterprise Account

CheckMEND has a long record of delivering due diligence and protection services to re-commerce markets that result in proven and significant ROI, compliance and positive PR.

API Account Benefits

  • Designed for high volume, high speed blacklist checking scenarios.
  • Tailored features and pricing.
  • Full support from our dedicated API team.
  • Optional status change monitoring.
  • Proactive business information reports.
  • Check directly from your POS, warehouse or other systems.
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