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Payment options


A single CheckMEND search costs £1.99

What types of item can I check?

Each identifier you enter must include only the unique numbers, letters and characters that form the identifier. Do not type in any other additional information such as 'serial number' or 'IMEI'.

What makes a good identifier?

If an item has a serial number and an IMEI number (e.g. an iPhone, iPad etc) or more than one serial number, input them all for the most comprehensive results. You should ensure that you only enter serial numbers that are unique to the item of property you are checking. Non-unique numbers found on your property such as Model numbers or any numbers less than 8 characters should NOT be entered as Identifiers.



Check by SMS text message


You can also check an item's stolen or blocked status using SMS text messaging.

UK only service.

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Need more than one check? Open a web account

If you're a business, online auction buyer, or an individual that makes frequent purchases of used electronics you'll benefit from opening an account with features including; historic checking records, payment/invoice schedule, bulk checking facility, and discounts of up to 50% when purchasing multiple credits.

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