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Recipero Announces Collaboration with Sprint to Help Prevent the Trade and Sale of Stolen Smartphones.
(20th March 2014)

All Sprint retail buyback portals now employ Recipero's CheckMEND online intelligence tool to help identify mobile devices that have been reported lost and stolen. The agreement will also provide consumers and law enforcement greater access to Sprint data on lost and stolen phones through Recipero's CheckMEND and law enforcement solutions.

CheckMEND is the most complete international listing of lost and stolen mobile devices available, comprised of data from major wireless carriers and law-enforcement entities globally. By evaluating all devices using the CheckMEND tool, Sprint can help further prevent smartphones that have been reported lost or stolen from being accepted into its buyback programs.

In addition, Sprint is helping to eliminate trafficking in stolen mobile devices in the U.S. and abroad by submitting the respective identification numbers of all devices that have been reported to Sprint as lost or stolen into Recipero's CheckMEND database.

Because the CheckMEND database is available to consumers and law-enforcement agencies, consumers are now able to verify that a pre-owned Sprint smartphone has not been reported lost or stolen by running a CheckMEND report before purchasing the device. Similarly law enforcement is now able to verify the status of a Sprint mobile device using Recipero's online tool for law enforcement.

"Preserving the safety of our customers, and preventing mobile-device-related crime by eliminating the ability to trade in stolen devices is consistent with Sprint's mission of providing unmatched customer service," said Jeff Auman, Sprint vice president-Product Operations." We're proud to enter into a new relationship with Recipero and build on our extensive work in curbing mobile-device theft and the sale of stolen smartphones in the United States and abroad. "

Mark Harman, CEO of Recipero said "Sprint's collaboration with Recipero marks a significant step in helping the industry address cellphone crime. The availability of Sprint lost and stolen device data alongside our existing datasets reinforces Recipero's reputation for delivering solutions that aim to help socially whilst providing clear commercial benefits."

Sprint has always maintained an internal database of lost and stolen consumer phones, and participates in an industry-wide database that tracks lost and stolen LTE devices. If a Sprint device is reported lost or stolen, Sprint will immediately disable all voice, text and data service for that device. If someone later attempts to activate that stolen phone on the Sprint network, Sprint will reject the phone as invalid.


About Recipero

Recipero is trusted by thousands of clients and data providers to securely aggregate, analyze and interrogate data. Forming part of millions of decision-making processes and transactions every month, Recipero's device-led data and intelligence solutions are provided online, in real-time, and are used globally by law enforcement, wireless carriers, insurers, recyclers, retailers and consumers. Learn more and visit Recipero at or or


About Sprint

Sprint (NYSE: S) offers a comprehensive range of wireless and wireline communications services bringing the freedom of mobility to consumers, businesses and government users. Sprint served more than 55 million customers at the end of 2013 and is widely recognized for developing, engineering and deploying innovative technologies, including the first wireless 4G service from a national carrier in the United States; leading prepaid brands including Virgin Mobile USA, Boost Mobile, and Assurance Wireless; instant national and international push-to-talk capabilities; and a global Tier 1 Internet backbone. The American Customer Satisfaction Index rated Sprint as the most improved company in customer satisfaction, across all 47 industries, during the last five years. Sprint has been named to the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DSJI) North America in 2011, 2012 and 2013. You can learn more and visit Sprint at or and

Recipero launches CheckMEND Charter to cut cell phone crime
(10th January 2014)

Recipero, the global experts in device-led data and analytics solutions, today have announced the launch of the CheckMEND Charter.

The CheckMEND Charter was created as a means of establishing an industry-led set of best practices to prevent trading of stolen consumer electronics. In addition to protecting consumers and helping to avoid confusion and frustration, Charter participants pledge to actively help law enforcement agencies combat theft and fraud related to consumer electronics.

Several of the US's biggest consumer electronics retail, reCommerce and recycling companies are already operating in accordance with its principles, including the leading trade-in site Gazelle.

Gazelle was the first US consumer electronics trade-in site to deploy CheckMEND and continue to demonstrate their commitment to the consumer and industry through their involvement with the Charter and its creation.

Israel Ganot, CEO, Gazelle.

"When we first entered into a partnership with Recipero to leverage the CheckMEND tool, our goal was quite simple: to prevent thieves from benefiting from stolen consumer electronics, the new CheckMEND Charter takes this a step further, not only ensuring that Gazelle will never pay a consumer for a device that has been reported as lost or stolen, but to also ensure law enforcement agencies can more effectively combat consumer electronic device theft."

The CheckMEND Charter is a voluntary scheme, open to trade users of CheckMEND who agree to abide by its principles. In support of the Charter and its members, Recipero's experienced CheckMEND team act as a trusted third party to help troubleshoot any issues that consumers may encounter with devices that are rejected.

Mark Harman, CEO of Recipero, commented:

"The adoption of the US Charter is something we have been working toward for several months. Our experience of the implementation of similar schemes in the UK has demonstrated that voluntary codes of practice such as this Charter have a measurable impact on mobile device related crime, results that we believe can be replicated in the US."

More details on the requirements for Charter members is available online:

CheckMEND is delivered online in real-time and is a cutting-edge analytics tool used to more accurately detect lost and stolen consumer electronics. The database is the most complete listing of devices available, comprised of data from major wireless carriers and law enforcement entities globally.

The CheckMEND service assists everyone from eBay users to mega retailers and recyclers like Gazelle to avoid lost, blocked and stolen devices.


About Recipero

Recipero ( is trusted by thousands of clients and data providers to securely aggregate, analyze and interrogate data. Forming part of millions of decision making processes and transactions every month, Recipero's device-led data and analytics solutions are provided online, in real-time, and are used globally by law enforcement, wireless carriers, insurers, recyclers, retailers and consumers.

About Gazelle

Gazelle is the nation’s leading consumer electronics trade-in site, providing an easy, fast and safe way for consumers to get cash for their unwanted devices. For more information on Gazelle and its participation in the CheckMEND Charter, visit:

CheckMEND celebrates its 5th Anniversary in the U.S.
(11th December 2013)

CheckMEND is proud to be celebrating its 5th year of providing North America's most reputable cell phone and mobile device history checking service.

The past 5 years have seen a great deal of change in global recommerce markets. This incredible growth has being driven by continual consumer demand for the latest and greatest mobile devices, which in turn has led to an ever-increasing number of second-hand devices being traded.

Environmental factors and regulatory issues have also been key drivers in how the market has developed for providers of trade-in and recycling programmes, all of which have resulted in soaring demand for CheckMEND.

CheckMEND's commitment to the market has earned its reputation as a trusted third party and its service has become an embedded part of millions of transactions each year.

  • For retailers, recyclers, and other businesses handling second-hand devices, use of CheckMEND helps traders avoid lost, blocked and stolen devices, ensures compliance, and has a record of strong ROI.
  • For consumers using eBay, Craigslist or any other re-sale marketplace, a CheckMEND report can not only indicate a device's current status, it also reports on other factors that can influence its value.
  • For Police and law-enforcement agencies, working with CheckMEND can cut investigation time, reduce costs, and contribute to the reduction of personal property crime.

Gazelle, a leader in consumer electronics trade-in was CheckMEND's first U.S. customer. Matt Rowe, VP General Counsel at Gazelle said:

"Gazelle has experienced greater than 100 percent growth in volume for the past several years. With increased volume comes an increase in attempts to trade stolen devices. CheckMEND helps protect our business from that risk and better serve our customers."

Mark Harman, CEO of Recipero the provider of CheckMEND, commented:

"The U.S. is currently our largest and fastest-growing market. To meet this need 12 months ago we committed investment in all areas of the service particularly in hardware infrastructure, software architecture, and support systems. Our investment ensures CheckMEND is extremely well placed to meet the high-volume, high availability needs of our U.S. clients today and in the future. It is fantastic that this has already been recognised by some of the U.S.'s largest organisations"

Today CheckMEND assists everyone from eBay users to mega retailers and recyclers like GameStop and Gazelle avoid lost, blocked and stolen devices.

GameStop has more than 4,200 U.S. stores, all of which have an active smartphone trade-in program. CheckMEND is a key part of their in-store process where speed and reliability is critical.

Sean Cleland, Director of Recommerce at GameStop said:

"Integrating the Recipero CheckMEND technology with our POS systems and refurbishment facilities was simple and efficient. Their product is an integral part of our efforts to protect our customers and be in full compliance with local regulations."

Notes for Editors

CheckMEND is provided by Recipero, a company trusted by thousands of data providers to securely aggregate, analyse and interrogate data. Recipero's data and analytics are used globally by law enforcement agencies, wireless carriers, insurers, recyclers, retailers and consumers.






Sims integrates CheckMEND for due diligence on recycled mobile devices
(17th May 2013)

Sims Recycling Solutions, a global leader in electronics reuse and recycling, has announced it that it has expanded its U.S. asset management services to include mobile devices, such as feature phones, smartphones and tablets.

Based on the most recent numbers from International Data Corp., it's clear that mobile devices, especially smartphones, have continued to erode personal computer sales. Worldwide PC shipments totaled only 76.3 million units in the first quarter of 2013, while worldwide smartphone shipments totaled 216.2 million units. Sims realises this technology shift is changing asset management practices, so the company has invested in the resources necessary to successfully manage the unique challenges associated with mobile devices.

As an extension of our existing asset management services, we have added new ones that simplify the task of managing mobile devices; stated Steve Skurnac, president, Sims Recycling Solutions, Americas.

By using our established global infrastructure, technical expertise and strategic partnerships, Sims is able to fully support the needs of those customers with broken, end-of-life or surplus devices. Our customers can be confident that the same secure, certified and environmentally sound procedures we use to process other electronics will be used to refurbish, remarket and recycle their mobile devices.

To protect its customers from two problems that plague the used mobile device market-stolen devices and fluctuating prices - Sims has signed an agreement with CheckMEND, the world's largest source of information about used electronics and developed a proprietary system called Price Base.

Through its partnership with CheckMEND, Sims can perform the due diligence necessary to assure customers that the devices the company offers for resale are legitimate. Sims has integrated the CheckMEND application into its inventory management system to automatically check cellphones and tablets when they arrive at a Sims facility. Items with negative report results will be flagged and dealt with on a case-by-case basis. The Price Base system gives Sims the ability to research every available mobile device and know its current value so Sims can competitively price used devices.

Sim Recycling Solutions:

CheckMEND and GameStop Partner to Strengthen Electronic Trade-in Program
(17th May 2013)

CheckMEND the world's leading due diligence service for used consumer electronics today announced it has secured an agreement with GameStop to deploy its software in all GameStop's US stores to identify devices that are not eligible for trade.

Developed by UK-based Recipero, CheckMEND is a unique, cutting edge system that allows retailers and recyclers to proactively identify unacceptable devices and stop them from entering the supply chain.

Using data that is aggregated from over 20,000 data sources (including the FBI) CheckMEND provides access to its service to both enterprise and consumers. GameStop is the first major retailer in the US to integrate its application at point of sale. With a data warehouse containing over 150 billion records of information that is relevant to any buyer of used consumer electronics, CheckMEND is fast becoming the "go-to" data provider for this type of information.

Consumers are becoming more aware of the value that exists in their old electronics. That precipitates a need for reliable data and methods to ensure that retailers are protecting consumers. GameStop is leading the way for other retailers to follow suit.

"We are delighted that GameStop has stepped up to the forefront of consumer protection" said Adrian Portlock Founder of CheckMEND. "Our product allows GameStop to protect their customers, their associates in store and their reputable brand by deterring unwanted activity. GameStop has set the bar for other responsible retailers."

"GameStop will continue to invest in technology solutions that offer our customers the best and safest choice to buy, sell or trade video games, consoles and electronics" said Joe Gorman Vice President of Mobile at GameStop. "Working with CheckMEND, we have further enhanced our process, and we are already reaping the benefits of the service in our stores and our state of the art refurbishment center."

Click here to download the complete Gamestop article (PDF download)

Gazelle - Leading USA consumer electronics reseller deploys CheckMEND to help identify fraud (28 November 2012)

Gazelle, one of the USA's leading high-end consumer trade-in sites, today announced it has deployed CheckMEND, a cutting-edge tool, designed to more accurately detect potentially stolen goods, including smart phones, tablets and computers.

Developed by Recipero, CheckMEND is the largest World's largest provider of consumer electronics background reports. The system compiles data from all major wireless carriers and law enforcement entities across the USA, providing the most complete database of devices available. Gazelle is the first consumer electronics trade-in site to deploy CheckMEND and collaborated with Recipero to tailor the product to help address the growing incidences of consumer electronics theft.

For Gazelle the introduction of CheckMEND comes at a good time with the proliferation of high-end consumer electronics theft. In fact, New York City's police commissioner recently reported that Apple products now represent more than 40 percent of stolen property in the city and San Francisco police report that nearly half of all robberies in the city in the past year have been cell phone related.

We are dedicated to providing the best customer experience possible, and part of that promise is to protect each customer's personal data

said Israel Ganot, CEO, Gazelle.

We always take security very seriously. With the CheckMEND deployment, we're taking this to a new level, committing not only to the protection of a customer's personal data when we receive the device, but also going the extra mile to ensure that any devices we accept are being sold by the rightful owner and to discourage and prevent theft of consumer electronics.

Recipero's CheckMEND service makes it possible to do a more thorough screening by checking a vast set of carrier and law enforcement sources for a much broader set of consumer electronics. CheckMEND is capable of comparing each inquiry against more than 150 billion records of information, including more than 50 billion items.

For more information please visit the following websites.

Visit Gazelle:

Visit CheckMEND:

Visit Recipero:

USA blocked IMEI's now live on CheckMEND

Posted: 11 2012

On Friday 2nd November 2012 AT&T and T Mobile in the USA began blocking handsets by using the IMEI and sharing this information between them. This means that even if the sim card is changed the phone will not work on these two networks. CheckMEND now has access to this data (N.B. We do not have information on phones blocked before the 2nd November 2012) so will tell you if a phone IMEI is on this list - this information is of great relevance to buyers or sellers of used cell phones as it massively affects the phones value.

(..Continued from the home page)

When you check with CheckMEND now and uniquely with one check we will let you know if the phone is on the IMEI blocked list, the FBI stolen serial numbered article file and if you check a CDMA phones serial number what status that phone has with the CDMA network. No one else has all this data to be able to provide such a comprehensive search.

As other networks that use phones with IMEI technology join AT&T and T Mobile in the blocking process we will add them to your search.

CheckMEND goes mobile

Posted: 10 2012

CheckMEND is delighted to announce the launch of its new mobile web application that allows customers to use the service on the move via their mobile devices.

Simply browse to from any internet enabled device and you'll be able to use your account whenever and wherever you need it.

CDMA ESN & MEID checks now live!

Posted: 09 2012

CheckMEND is now connected to the US CDMA ESN/MEID carriers database and is now able to confirm if a cell phone is under an agreement and cannot be transferred or has been recorded as lost or stolen.

Major refresh of CheckMEND site released

Posted: 04 2012

CheckMEND is delighted to announce a comprehensive refresh of the CheckMEND site for USA members. Les Gray the CTO of CheckMEND made a statement saying "We are delighted to see the increased use of the service in the USA and as a result we have made some cosmetic and functional changes to the site to improve the user experience. We have adopted several suggestions made by members and welcome any further feedback.

CheckMEND functionality incorporated into Snuko's mobile security solution

Posted: 09 2011

CheckMEND has agreed to allow the mobile phone security software provide Snuko to send data to it direct from their application. Ross Stewart Chairman of CheckMEND said "once again we can see the value chain of the CheckMEND functionality and it makes perfect sense to allow people who make the effort to secure their mobile devices via Snuko to be able to alert us if the worse does happen and they have their device stolen or lose it. We can clearly see integrating this sort of functionality directly into a handset or PC with a web based support application in place in the event of loss or theft has to be the way forward. "

Watchfacts adopts CheckMEND as part of its service

Posted: 08 2011

Watchfacts the USA largest history reporting service for high end watches has chosen to partner with CheckMEND allowing CheckMEND information to supplement the other information they hold. Adrian Portlock CheckMEND's CEO said "we are delighted to welcome Watchfacts as a partner and hope that the addition of our information will enable them to provide an even more comprehensive service for their customers.

Major new client adopts CheckMEND

Posted: 05 2011

CheckMEND is delighted to announce that a major new US client has signed up to provide its services to its clients. The operator is a major provider of trade in services to thousands of retail stores in the USA and the agreement allows them to provide the CheckMEND service within their trade in platform. Adrian Portlock CEO of CheckMEND said "this is a major step forward for us in the USA and opens the door for this type of integration allowing us to provide us services seamlessly into US retailers that are offering their customers a trade-in solution."

Over 18,000 law enforcement agencies provide data to CheckMEND

Posted: 09 2010

CheckMEND is delighted to announce that through its relationship with Trace it is now able to include stolen information from over 18,000 US law enforcement agencies within its history reports. Neil Stewart CheckMEND's Commercial Director said "Our increased integration with the Trace database system means that we can supplement our history reports with data from their system expanding the breadth of our reports for US customers, this is a great endorsement of the power and quality of our service. "

Important information about CDMA checking

Posted: 08 2010

Please notethat CheckMEND is not connected to the US CDMA networks contract database and as a result we cannot tell you if a CDMA phone is currently under contract.

CEX USA starts to use CheckMEND in store

Posted: 10 2009

CEX the major second hand retailer has extended its UK agreement to cover its USA stores allowing them to use CheckMEND to ensure the items they take into their outlets are not recorded as stolen. Neil Stewart CheckMEND Commercial Director said "CEX are a big and valued customer in Europe and we are delighted they have expanded into the USA and are now using our service on a global basis, we wish them continued success in their expansion and look forward to working with them and further enhancing our partnership."

Boston pawnbroker's trial CheckMEND

Posted: 09 2009

Suffolk Pawn & Empire Pawn brokers in Boston have agreed to provide transaction information to CheckMEND so it can be viewed by Boston PD via the NMPR.

CheckMEND's owners take over Trace

Posted: 07 2009

Recipero the company behind CheckMEND has taken over the running of the Trace database system from Mythings. Neil Stewart the Commercial Director of Recipero and CheckMEND said "this is a great outcome for us as it means that over the coming months we will be able to integrate the data sets from Trace within the CheckMEND history reports expanding our result set for all our trade and consumer customers."

CheckMEND's owners take over PhoneHistoryReport

Posted: 05 2009

Recipero the company behind CheckMEND has taken over the running of the PhoneHistoryReport database system. Neil Stewart the Commercial Director of Recipero and CheckMEND said "we are delighted to be taking over the running of the very successful service as once again it allows us to provide even more comprehensive information to our customers within the CheckMEND history reports "

New CheckMEND web site goes live in America

Posted: 04 2009

CheckMEND is delighted to announce the launch of its new website in America. The site has been totally rebuild to accommodate a whole host of new functions following the acquisition of the Trace database last year plus the impending roll out of the service to all licensed second-hand trader in Boston. Adrian Portlock CEO and founder of Recipero, the owner of CheckMEND, said "the launch of this new site which is packed with a whole range of new functionality gives America access to all the 150 billion records we hold globally on used goods. This will help the trade and the US Citizen ensure what they are buying is legitimate and legal and that they are paying a fair price for it and for the first time allow law enforcement to compare transaction data directly with crime data allowing them to easily identify and recover stolen goods."

New traders adopt CheckMEND

Posted: 02 2009

CheckMEND is delighted to announce its currently working with several second-hand traders and pawnbrokers to finalise the design and functionality of its new service.

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