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API integrated devices

Integrated CheckMEND Solutions

CheckMEND has a long record of delivering its due diligence and protection services to re-commerce markets that result in proven and significant ROI, compliance and positive PR.

The CheckMEND service meets the needs of its corporate users through integration with retail POS, warehouse and other back office logistics systems.

The CheckMEND Application Programming Interface (API) is designed specifically for high volume, process critical scenarios, where speed and system resilience are of utmost importance.


Benefits of CheckMEND API integration

  • Designed specifically for high volume, high speed scenarios.
  • Full support from our dedicated API team.
  • Provision of end-user support to help resolve due diligence item rejection queries.
  • Check directly from your systems - no need to log into a website account.


Corporate Account Pricing

Integrated CheckMEND solutions are priced according to several factors including volumes, geographic coverage, and the type of account required. For more information and a quotation please contact us »


Service API documentation

If you would like to view the API documentation they can be found by visiting: »